At the south west foothills of the Bükk mountains providing one of the highest hilltops in the country lies Szarvask? – near to Eger baroque city – individual micro climate and cozy timberland guarantees undisturbed relaxation for lovers of the highland. This region is pearl for those who prefer peace and harmony, but also the ones demanding active pastime will find great opportunities. Flight programs, survivor night tours, mountaineering, therapeutic riding, off-road adventure tours, astronomy with professional telescopes, technical rope training and so on. The BASE guesthouse awaits for the posessed of active turism in a wonderful forest environment. Especially ideal as a starting point for flight training. In case of bad weather it provides space for theoretical exams, completed with relaxation programs. Guests of the house will get a discount from all courses and exams on all forms of flying, let it be paragliding, PPG (powered paragliding), UL airplaine or the innovative GYROCOPTER! This guesthouse is located close to popular start places of the country – Eged hill and the Fedémes Learning center. For the courses we provide supervision of instructors. It is also possible to rent all terrain vehicle, GoPro HD camera or even a complete aircraft (powered paraglider, UL airplane and gyrocopter). Every condition is met for an ideal flight environment! Eger, the baroque bath city provides ideal touring and relaxation opportunities for everyone. If somebody does not want to leave the settlement, then there is the possibility to clamber the viewpoint of Szarvask? or to discover the ruins of the Szarvask? castle. Panoramic terraces in the questhouse offer ways of relaxation, besides the WINE OF THE HOUSE fresh grilled meat and special spices will complete the day. Come and relax in the one and only paragliding base of the country, and learn how to fly the easiest way. BASE TEAM welcomes you Some things about the BASE • 2 levels, 5 rooms, living room, kitchen, dining room – building capable to acommodate 10-15 persons • Due to location one side is always sunny • Double terrace, two bathrooms • Community space almost 40 square meters (430 square feet) which is ideal for education • Inner parking place upon request • Free WiFi in the house • Private meteorology station, also registered on • Grill on the terrace, cauldron in the yard • Infra cameras recordin on the street, maximal safety, maximal peace • Fully equipped kitchen • Comfortable rooms on a separated floor • For relaxation: electric armchair, hammock, deck chair • Flight simulator • Tools for adjusting flight equipment • House is almost in the forest, with microclimate • Online webshop with gifts related to flying • Special inner design related to flying More information Farkas Tibor 3323 Szarvask?, Tölgyfa utca 18. +36 70 312-76-09

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